tip 7 - cut back on alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and other drugs may feel like they help you manage hard times in the short-term. We get it – it can be fun, lift your mood and boost your confidence. But remember, they can interfere with your mental health and make you feel much worse in the long run. Curbing the amount of alcohol and other drugs that you use (or avoiding them altogether) will help you manage your emotions better and improve your wellbeing. There’s lots of things you can do instead of a night at the pub – see our ideas.

You could also try tracking your water intake with apps like Daily Water Tracker Reminder (check it out for Apple or Android)

It’s also good to stay informed – find out how certain types of alcohol and other drugs can affect you. Text the name of the alcohol or drug to 0439 tell me (0439 835 563) and know the risks involved.

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